I am Peter Karpov, a computer science scholar. My primary research interests are currently focused on metaheuristic and bioinspired algorithms. You can contact me via email at .


2020.01.27 CoreWar CoreOps issue 2
2019.12.27 Articles Binary Texture Generation as an Optimization Problem
2019.12.12 Ascension Genetic algorithm
2019.09.16 Ascension Glossary
2019.09.01 Ascension Local search
2019.08.26 Ascension Tabu search
2019.05.23 Ascension Five new problem definition modules
2018.09.23 Ascension Ascension released as open source
2018.05.31 InvMem Random strings with identical element counts
InvMem Irrational scoring
InvMem Correlation for vector-valued data
2018.01.11 Ascension Added coordinates of the Heilbronn problem solutions
2017.12.16 VALIS Added the source code and a visualization video
2017.05.11 VALIS VALIS homepage updated
2017.04.18 InvMem Mixed radix fractal carpets
Gallery Added voxel fractals section and a few animations
2017.02.08 Gallery Added sections for hypercomplex fractals, animations and miscellaneous images
2016.12.25 Articles Character Distributions at a Glance
2016.10.31 Articles Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Feature Maps
2016.10.15 InvMem Feature scaling
2016.08.30 Gallery Complex-valued Weierstrass function
2016.07.27 Articles In Search of a Perfect Colormap
2016.06.12 Articles Modular Arithmetic Visualizations
2016.05.29 InvMem Updated maximal density subsquare-free arrangements
InvMem RGB Principal component analysis
InvMem Lightness approximations
2016.04.13 Ascension Notable results
2016.04.11 Ascension N Queens problem definition module
2016.04.03 InvMem Peaceable queens
2016.03.17 Programs Nanopond v1.9i artificial life system
2016.03.01 InvMem Sierpinsky-like arrays
2016.02.22 InvMem Maximal density axial subsquare-free arrangements
InvMem Weighted minimum and maximum
2016.02.20 Ascension Visualization of metaheuristic algorithms for the travelling salesman problem
2016.02.04 InvMem Maximal chess positions
2016.02.01 InvMem Irrationality plots
InvMem Embedding hexagonal grid in a square grid
2016.01.29 InvMem Vectors with constant and normal components
2015.12.18 Gallery Radial layout of Stern-Brocot tree
2015.12.08 Gallery Video of MDS algorithms in action
2015.12.04 InvMem Multidimensional scaling for vowel-consonant separation
2015.11.25 Patreon campaign launched!
InvMem Fraction digit tables
2015.08.25 InvMem Cantor's numbers
2015.08.01 InvMem Pawn protection of initial chess positions
Gallery AllRGB panchromatic image
2015.06.15 InvMem On Weierstrass and Riemann functions
2015.05.26 Gallery 3 new images
2015.05.23 InvMem Fourier-based area in polar coordinates
2015.05.17 InvMem Lattice distance distortion
2015.05.10 CoreWar Tiny stone challenge results
2015.05.01 Programs Randy v0.3
2015.04.29 Gallery 4 new MDS images
2015.04.28 Programs RIES binary
2015.04.22 InvMem Short brainfuck programs
2015.04.06 InvMem Triplane hexagonal coordinates
2015.04.05 CoreWar Tiny stone challenge
2015.03.31 InvMem Generating generalized Gaussian, Cauchy and related random variables
2015.03.24 VALIS Presentation (English / Russian)
2015.03.17 CoreWar CoreOps issue 1
2015.02.28 InvMem Scale derivative
2015.02.26 Articles Novel immune-inspired supervised learning classification algorithm (Russian)
2015.02.22 Articles Automatic algorithm tuning (Russian)
Articles Acceptance criteria in the simulated annealing algorithm (Russian)
2015.02.22 InvMem Generalized Motzkin numbers
2015.02.10 InvMem Note on means
2015.02.06 Site opened